Product Care Guide

We hope that you will love our products but also that you would be accepting of its blemishes, if they come with any. Here, you can learn more about our tote bags’ material, colouring, and our advice on how to wash and care for them for longer wear life <3


Canvas Fabric Range

  • Most of our bags are made from 16 oz and 12 oz coarse thickened canvas fabric, unless unspecified. They are among the thickest and most durable of canvas fabric, compared to 9oz and 8oz ones. 12 oz canvas is thick but still easy to fold, while 16oz canvas is more structured, rich, and textured. 

      Disclaimer: Fabric Quality Variation

      Please note that

      • Slight discolouration is a normal phenomenon that occurs in natural canvas fabric. Please be understanding.
      • The shade of our bags’fabric may look slightly different under different illumination and across devices. Please be accepting of there being minor differences in colour between what you see and what you receive.
      • Most of our bags’canvas fabric is made from raw cotton fibre, which may contain spores and black specks. These are cotton plant matter which is preserved for a more environmental and natural look. Please do not be alarmed.
      • You may also spot subtle black lines and cotton knots in our bags. Please understand that these are typical minor inconsistencies created during the weaving and manufacturing process.
      • Natural cotton has a unique scent, a bit similar to oatmeal. Immediately after opening, new products may also smell slightly funky due to having undergone industrial processing. The scent will fade out once placed in a well ventilated space.
      • Some of our bags, especially those with darker colours, may have been treated with sustainable dyes. Their colours may come off slightly and be observable in the water upon first time washing, which is a normal phenomenon. Please do not be alarmed.

        Washing Advice

        • Our bags’canvas fabric contains a high content of pure cotton. Please avoid over-washing the product with washing machine and detergent.
        • Do not wash with bleach or chemicals containing bleach to prevent the product from yellowing and becoming discolourised.
        • Hand-wash with cold water is best, but if you must, wash using the gentlest settings in washing machine, below 40 °C. Note that cotton may prone to shrinkage after wash (up to 7% of its size).
        • Do not soak for excessive periods of time with detergent, which may fade out prints on the bag.
        • Must not be handled in a dryer. The fabric cannot handle the heat and will shrink remarkably.
        • Flipping the bag inside out first before washing in washing machine will offer more protection to its print, which can help preserve its vividness for longer.
        • Opt for localized cleaning if possible by rinsing and scrubbing only dirtied spot when necessary.
        • Avoid wringing our tote bags excessively after wash. Let dry on its own.
        • Dry our products out under shades, avoid exposure to very strong sunlight.、

          Product Care

          • Products are washed before packaged, and are clean upon arrival.
          • Avoid leaving out for a prolonged time under strong sunlight.
          • You can iron it slightly to smoothen out creases. Flip inside out before ironing to protect and preserve prints on the bag.