About Us

Hi Lurking Customer,

Thanks for paying a visit to the most unpopular page of any online store, the “About Us” page.

But since you’re here, please, hear me vent a little about hedious tote bags.

The thing is, you can have so many fashionable handbags in your collection but when it comes to the ultimate everyday grab-and-go, nothing beats a trusty tote bag.

Tote bags is the bag of life. It’s a no-fail style, and it’s spacious and stretchable (it actually carries stuff for people, not just tissues, lipsticks, and card holders) What’s not to like?

The logo on the side that looks wayyyy too in-your-face, the awkward chunky font on the front, or the lackthereof a print to begin with, perhaps? Which means it’s just a plain canvas waiting to be ruined by dirt or stain eventually, usually too soon.

Say goodbye to those characterless tote bags you own (those can be your next art and craft project). Foxlore is here to offer you something better – affordable, stylish, and versatile tote bags with infinite styling potentials,

Hand-picked by 22-year-old me, a lover of bags with utility and a lover of intricate design and aesthetics.

Explore Foxlore’s range of tote and shoulder bags and pick your favourite, or make it a haul. Afterall, a tote bag that you will always wear isn’t fast fashion.

Happy Shopping!

With Love,